As first time parent navigating a global pandemic, the educators, caretakers and staff at Bambini have been essential to our son’s growth and development. They have created a safe, loving and fun environment. Our son comes home happy every day!

– Angelica L.

For the past 3 years, Bambini has provided a loving and safe learning environment for my 2 children. It has become an extension of our family and is the best decision we made as new parents.

– Jodi S.

We love Bambini! Our daughter sprints into the center every morning and comes home smiling each day. Teachers are warm and nurturing, curriculum has kept pace with our daughter’s development over the past 1.5 years, and administratively – Bambini is exceptionally well run

– Joel G.

Beyond Bambini’s thoughtful programming, nutritious meals, and the benefits of Spanish immersion — is love. We know the care that our children receive is grounded in love. Thank you!

– Kim S.

We have absolutely loved our experience at Bambini. Our daughter is happy to go to school everyday and is using more and more Spanish at home. Everyone is very kind, communication is organized and prompt, and we have loved all of our teachers.

– Kathryn W.

We enrolled our daughter at a time when we were very concerned about COVID but Bambini has been great. The staff and administrators are COVID-conscious, as well as warm and welcoming. We have also been very happy with their educational curriculum and would highly recommend the facility.

– Makeda M.

There’s no other way to say it: we love Bambini! The teachers and staff are so capable and enthusiastic, the spaces are cheerful and thoughtfully designed for little ones, the food program is outstanding, and every day our kids rush in the door and give extra hugs to their teachers when it’s time to leave. We are so glad to have found such a welcoming, enriching place.

– Gabriela M.

The point of most daycares is to watch your child while you’re doing other things. Making sure that your child is safe is the primary concern. But what Bambini gives is so much more than that. They don’t just watch children, they teach them and engage them. The variety of things to which they expose their children is fantastic. From painting to music, from the alphabet to how to read body language, Bambini has to be at the top of the list of premier daycare centers. We are very happy with our child’s development since starting at Bambini!

– Christian N.

Our daughter has been at Bambini since she was 4 months old and is now almost 2. She has learned so much (including Spanish) and it’s clear the teachers nurture curiosity and a love of learning. Bambini also handled COVID extremely well, reopening responsibly and with constant safeguards and communication. I can’t recommend them enough.

– Kathryn W.

We feel so lucky every day knowing our kids are growing, learning, and thriving in such a safe and happy home – and they’re so happy every day, too! Practically speaking, the level of communication and transparency from both the Bambini teachers and leadership – from the big stuff to the little stuff – is incredible, which makes us feel both comfortable and confident entrusting our children in their care.

– Erin J.

I was nervous about enrolling our oldest child in daycare when he was an infant, and now that our youngest is approaching school-age, I can’t imagine leaving Bambini. Our children have thrived at Bambini, even with the uncertainty of the pandemic, because of the loving attention of their teachers.

– Paige B.

As a first time Mom I was nervous about sending my infant to daycare for the first time, but my mind was quickly put at ease once I found Bambini. The staff is extremely friendly and responsive and my daughter comes home with a smile on her face every day.

– Liz B.

Our eldest daughter started at Bambini when she was only 3 months old and she is now almost 5. It was a no brainer to choose to have our younger daughter enroll as well – in the last 5 years we have seen indescribable love and caring from all of the Bambini teachers and staff consistently. Bambini is truly a special place and we recommend it with the highest support!

– Katharine M.

Bambini has brought incredible growth & development and incredible joy to my daughter. The passion of the center leadership and every single teacher is evidenced in the great care they take in every part of the child and parent experience as part of this community. I couldn’t imagine a better, safer, happier place to send my child each day.

– Kate S.

We have two kids in Bambini’s care and based on our experiences, we recommend it to every new parent we meet. Not only are the teachers affectionate, patient and caring, but they offer a terrific curriculum, as well.

– Will Y.

Bambini is like our extended family! Even during the pandemic, they’ve nurtured our children with safety, learning, and love.

– Jonathan R.

There are many aspects of Bambini we love, but we especially appreciate the warm atmosphere that has been providing a family-like, caring environment for our daughter. She felt right at home, with no tears from day one where we had to drop her off at the door due to the pandemic. We also appreciate the dedication of Silvina and the staff to our child’s well-being, from parent-teacher conferences, to hosting seminars on various childhood development topics. We are so thankful to have our daughter at such a loving daycare!

– Meno M.

Bambini has been a lifesaver. The administration’s efforts to keep staff and families safe during the pandemic should be highly commended, on top of the usual high standard of service and caregiving. Spanish immersion is taken seriously and has proven to be extremely effective. Bambini truly is the gold standard for childcare in D.C.

– Simone B.

Adela and Frida hop out of the car and run into school. They run in excited and come out smiling every day.

– Melissa C.

Bambini has been integral to our daughter’s educational, social and emotional development. Her teachers have encouraged her (and us) to exceed developmental milestones while providing a safe and loving place for her to learn and play. We couldn’t be happier!

– Rachel F.

Bambini really engages with their students. Our daughter started at Bambini as an infant and even for the little ones they always have different creative activities to help her develop. It’s a huge sigh of relief for us that we found Bambini.

– Karen O.

We are thrilled at the level of attention, care and love the teachers and staff at Bambini give to our child. Bambini is a wonderful program and we could not recommend it more.

– Eric D.

Our family has been with Bambini for more than 6 years and we could not imagine sending our girls anywhere else. I have so much peace of mind knowing they are in such a loving, warm, and enriching environment. Our six year old, who stared at Bambini at 12 weeks old, is also fully bilingual and we credit Bambini for giving her the building blocks to make that possible. Our third is on the way and one of the first things we did was make sure we were on their waitlist.

– Agustina G.

Bambini Golden Triangle is our child’s first daycare and we have been very satisfied. The teachers and the music teacher, Mr. Lilo are wonderful, talented, enthusiastic, warm and loving. Their food program is super healthy and diverse. The facility is clean and nicely decorated. Management has been great since Ms. Silvina is very friendly, communicative and always answers questions promptly. Our child has learnt so much Spanish and grown into an independent loving kid with the help of Bambini!

– Giang B.

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