Welcome to Bambini Play & Learn, top-quality learning centers located in the heart of Washington DC – a truly new and innovative concept in childcare, and the only Spanish Immersion Program with a specially designed curriculum!

Our full-time childcare centers offer the finest facilities available for children ages three months to five years.

Our Mission

Our mission at Bambini is to, first and foremost, provide a safe, nurturing, loving, high quality, educational environment that maximizes intellectual, physical and emotional growth and development in our young students from three..

Benefits of Our Program

State-Certified Childcare

Experienced Teachers

Age Appropriate Activities

Strict Safety Policies

Positive Guidance for Children

All of our locations have reopened since June 1st 2020, with a number of new procedures and guidelines in place to minimize the risk of Coronavirus exposure.

We are excited to announce our fifth Bambini location, coming to the booming Navy Yard (Capitol Riverfront) area of DC at 50 K St SE! Construction is finished, we have our final inspection next week, and we plan to open soon thereafter. The waitlist for this location is now open. If you wish to sign up for the Navy Yard waitlist, please complete our two-step signup process: first, click here to pay the waitlist fee through PayPal. You will be forwarded to the waitlist registration form at the end of the PayPal checkout. The second step of the process is to fill out the registration form. We allow families who have signed up for one of the waitlists to sign up for additional waitlists without paying an additional waitlist fee. If you need to skip to the registration form because you have already paid a waitlist fee, click here.

We will be holding limited-capacity Open House events at our new Navy Yard location starting on August 5th! Families will have the option to fill out an enrollment request form at these events. To sign up for an Open House, click here.

We have availability for infants at our Mt Vernon Square, Federal Triangle and Golden Triangle locations. For more information, please reach out to our enrollment coordinator, Katherine Savattiere, at (301) 615-3563 or by email at enrollment@bambinicdc.com.


Waitlist SignUp

We maintain separate waitlists for each of our locations. Please sign up for each waitlist separately. We now allow families who have signed up for one of the waitlists to sign up for additional waitlists without paying an additional waitlist fee. Just use one of the “return to the registration form” links in each location page to go directly to each of the desired waitlist forms, and enter the PayPal confirmation number from your prior payment.



Golden Triangle


Mount Vernon Square


Federal Triangle


WE HAVE AVAILABILITY for VARIOUS AGE GROUPS at our Federal Triangle AND MOUNT VERNON SQUARE locationS. for details, Please contact our enrollment coordinator, Katherine Savattiere,  at (301) 615-3563 or ENROLLMENT@BAMBINICDC.COM.


Jonathan R.

Bambini is like our extended family!

Rachel F.

Bambini has been integral to our daughter’s educational, social and emotional development.

Kathryn W.

We have absolutely loved our experience at Bambini.

Liz B.

The staff is extremely friendly and responsive

Gabriela M.

There’s no other way to say it: we love Bambini!

Kim S.

We know the care that our children receive is grounded in love. Thank you!

Will Y.

We recommend Bambini to every new parent we meet.

Angelica L

A safe, loving and fun environment.

Katharine M.

Bambini is truly a special place and we recommend it with the highest support!

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