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Our Nutrition Program

As part of the high quality of care we strive to provide to your children every day, we partner with renowned local businesses such as CentroNía, who create a unique and innovative program, the main purpose of which is to promote healthy diets for young children. In 2011, CentroNía was chosen by the First Lady of the United States to launch the “Let’s Move! Child Care” program, so we feel honored to have been selected as a partner.

This amazing group of nutritionists, cooks, physical education professionals and parents have a special interest in reaching out to early childhood programs like ours, since they strongly believe good, healthy habits around food are more successfully developed when we start practicing them during the first 3 years of age. This belief has been proven over and over again through different research studies. Exposing children to many different types of food and eating family-style, with their peers and teachers, can go a long way. In fact, 80% of our brains are developed by age 3, which explains why good nutrition is so critical during the first years.

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As part of our partnership with local healthy food vendors, we receive administrative support and guidance in setting up the program, development of monthly menus, parent activities which include program introduction and basic child nutrition education, as well as teacher training on the nutrition curriculum.

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All of our menus respect allergies and vegetarian diets. We also offer meals gluten-free. Of course, all toddler and preschooler meals are made from scratch and use local and organic ingredients from nearby farms whenever possible. This month’s toddler and preschooler menu can be found here:

We employ a full-time cook at each of our locations.

Our infant meals are prepared onsite, with no sugars, nothing artificial, and the same dedication to using the healthiest and freshest ingredients. This month’s infant menu can be found here:

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Bambini is a Nut Free Facility, Please Refrain from Sending Nuts or Nut-Related Foods Like Peanut Butter with Your Child.

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