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Our Classes
Infants (3 months to 1 year old)

We accept infants starting at three months of age. During the first year of life, your child will undergo a tremendous amount of growth and development. He/she will go from learning basic motor skills such as how to lift and turn his/her head around three months of age to drinking from a cup and starting to play with small blocks by one year of age. At our centers, your infant during his/her first year of life will not only receive an unparalleled amount of love, nurturing and individual attention, but he/she will also be surrounded with similar aged children and age-appropriate toys to maximize the development of important motor skills, sensory and thinking skills and language and social skills. Your infant will also be immersed in Spanish language and he/she will also be routinely exposed on a daily basis to other things that have been proven to enhance cognitive development, such as classical music. Classical music will be played throughout the day in the infant room as well as in other parts of our centers.

In addition to providing a highly stimulating educational environment to maximize your infant’s cognitive development, we want to offer your child a safe, loving home away from home.

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In this regard, we will provide your infant with his/her own individual crib along with sheets which we launder regularly and encourage you to bring appropriate cribs toys from home to foster a sense of safety and comfort. We also want to personalize care, meal and nap times to meet you and your child’s individual needs and preferences. For example, we want to maintain any sleeping and/or feeding schedule that you may have in place. We also want to accommodate feeding preferences for your child by accepting and feeding pumped breast milk to your child.

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Toddlers (1 to 3 years old)

By twelve months of age, most students at our centers are walking with ease, turning pages in books, scribbling with crayons and identifying objects in Spanish. At the age of one, most students transition into our toddlers groups where they participate in a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities to stimulate and foster their development of motor skills, sensory skills, language skills and cognitive skills. Your child’s daily activities will include creative art, dramatic play, science and sensory exploration, games, stories, and music, song and dance, all of these being taught in Spanish. All activities will reinforce your child’s acquisition of Spanish.

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To ease a student’s transition from the nursery to the toddler group, teacher in the toddler group also teach in the nursery to develop an intimate knowledge of and familiarity with the skills and preferences of each individual child and to develop a strong, loving bond with each child so as to ensure that the transition from the nursery to the toddler classroom is as easy and smooth as possible.

We implement the Creative Curriculum in our toddler classrooms which has been especially developed to teach Spanish to Infants, Toddlers and Young Children. This is a comprehensive curriculum that helps teachers achieve the very best program for children under five years of age.

If the interactions children have are nurturing, consistent, and loving, and the experiences they have are appropriately challenging, then infants and toddlers grow and flourish. In such an environment, children learn to trust and joyfully explore their surroundings, making discoveries and developing a sense of themselves as competent learners and caring human beings. Please refer to the “Our Curriculum” page for further information.

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Young Children (3 to 5 years old)

Bambini implements the Creative Curriculum which focuses on your child’s development in four areas: social/emotional, cognitive, language, and physical, while everything is taught in the Spanish language. The curriculum works with these four areas and has defined goals within each area of development. Social/ emotional development is learning to trust. Children build confidence to develop their independence and feel a sense of pride. Social/emotional development is increased in both areas of independence and socializing. Children enjoy building friendships through group activities and also like doing things alone. Our curriculum helps children improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills by allowing them to use scissors, paint brushes and pencils when doing art projects.

Our program enhances children’s confidence by providing activities to help them become problem solvers and lifelong learners. Through independent exploration, structured activities, and hands-on learning, preschoolers develop early literacy, mathematics, science, and social skills. A healthy dose of running, jumping, and dancing keeps them active, too. Everything we do is designed for pre-school education.

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Extra-curricular activities

We offer weekly music classes, taught by Stefanie Villalobos.
We also offer weekly yoga classes taught by Norma Findlay.

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